Architect: Studio Gang Architects (Kara Boyd Design Lead and Project Architect)


The Blue Wall Center project is an indoor/outdoor nature and visitor center in the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina. The project is to transform a defunct 165-acre summer camp site into a regional gateway center that encourages visitors to explore, understand, enjoy, and conserve the rich beauty and biodiversity of this unique landscape.

The purpose of the project is to restore the stressed ecological systems of the site, and to reveal the very unique ecology of the region. The design orchestrates a sequential set of outdoor rooms that highlight  specific aspects of these ecosystems, offering a variety of experiential and educational paths through the site. A Visitor Center is also designed to be a concentration of outdoor rooms that support a particular environment or habitat, while providing an indoor educational center and gathering place.

We worked collaboratively with hydrologists, biologists, botanists, naturalists and other experts in natural sciences to help create the educational components and shape the design and revitalization of the site.